Thursday, November 18, 2010

Best of...

The Best of 2010 lists are starting to come out. The variety of these lists are a really cool way for me to do some collection development. There are lots of diverse groups producing the lists... teachers, students, librarians, library organizations, award committees, publishing companies and that makes for interesting review reading. The first of the lists on my radar is the Kirkus Review's 2010 Best Books for Teens.

The others that I watch for are:

Michael Printz Award
National Book Award
Booker Prize
Teen's Top Ten
Alex Awards

With the exception of the Alex Awards, I am often a bit skeptical of wholesale acceptance of award winning books. I know librarians are trained in most things book-ish and publishers do the book-ish thing for a living but I also know that these people are not teenagers (nor am I). I like recommendations from people who the books are intended for. That is why I am always also on the look out for teen reviewers.

If you want to be a reviewer for library books and you happen to fall between the ages of 13 and 19, email me and let me know! HNHS students and otherwise are welcome!

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