Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hunger Games casting nominations...

I read blogs, library blogs, librarian blogs, book review blogs. I think I have mentioned this before. In my mornings reading, I came across another link to a discussion of the casting of the upcoming movie based on the book the Hunger Games. So, the issue is that the person cast in the movie role as the character, Katniss, may not/probably will not look the way she was described by the author in the book. An article from the blog, Jezebel says this:
"Those who read The Hunger Games slowly enough to savor its descriptive language know that Suzanne Collins gives her heroine "olive" skin, grey eyes, and dark hair. Katniss' looks in the novel are typical of her fellow residents in "The Seam," an impoverished area populated by coal-miners like her deceased dad. The wealthier merchant class, including Katniss's mom and sister, generally are described with fair hair and skin." Other blog and internet folks are predicting who will be cast and rumors are flying.

The main point is that the women in the running for the Katniss role have lighter skin and lighter hair and are not a person of color. Are the movie decision makers whitewashing this character, casting a Caucasian person when it seems obvious that the character would be a person of color? Read the blog discussions. There are more here and here and here and here. Remember, these are blogs and they are opinions, but they could be interesting to think about.

In a fit of inspiration this morning in response to reading all about it and thinking about it, the HNHS Library decided to run a little contest. Who would you cast as the different characters in the Hunger Games? Here are some suggestions from The Film Stage, another blog. Who didn't they think of that you would like to see on screen?

You can nominate the actors you would like to see in the different characters' roles on the poster outside the library. Once we have received all nominations, I will make up an online ballot and we can all vote!

Keep thinking!
Ms. Haverstock