Friday, October 10, 2008

Yellow Jackets

Wednesday night a teeny group of HNHS students and I went to see the play Yellow Jackets at the Berkeley Rep. It was a fabulous experience. The play was thought provoking and definitely great to see a second time. The issues were fairly universal for anyone who works in or attends a school in the Bay Area with incredible diversity. Each of the characters had strong personalities and points about the experiences they were having. The range of topics raised ran from the Holocaust to tracking in schools to institutional racism. Whew. Heavy. It sparked great conversation with the students.

The best part came when we stalked the actors after the show. They were generous with their time and talked with us for at least a half an hour.

If any students out there want to come next time come see me in the library. If we can get 10 students to go, the tickets will only be $15!

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